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Pot in Pot cooking tips

  1. You may choose to use either a single insert pan or both inserts, depending on your cooking needs. You can use the bottom of your main pot or liner as a layer, place a trivet and rest one of the insert pans on top of the trivet to make pot in pot meal or directly place the entire set of two inserts with the handle provided into the main pot.
  2. Ensure that you add at least 1 cup of water to the main pot or liner and the individual ekovana inserts while cooking solid foods. If the recipe calls for liquid food, like sauce or curry, then you may only need to add water in the main cooking pot.
  3. Food on the bottom stack will cook faster than food on the top stack. Please ensure that you have delicate food (needing less time to cook) placed in the top pan and dense food (needing more time to cook) placed in the bottom pan.
  4. For example: Pasta or noodles on the top and protein such as chicken on the bottom. 
  5. Please use your judgement and experiment with cooking times and various food combinations in the two inserts. At the end of cooking time, test whether the food is cooked or heated enough, if not extend the time until satisfactory results are obtained.

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