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Top 5 Questions Newbies Ask About Pot-in-Pot Cooking

We picked the Top 5 questions a newbie would most probably have in mind when you hear ‘pot-in-pot cooking’ for the first time. 


1. What is Pot-in-Pot Cooking?

 Pot-in-Pot Cooking is a method of cooking using an instant pot or a pressure cooker. Instead of cooking food directly in the instant pot, you cook the food in a smaller pot that you place inside the main pot. The steam from the water you put in the main pot (instant pot) creates pressure and cooks the food. This cooking method is perfect for pressure cooking cheesecakes, desserts, and other foods that are moist but don’t require plenty of liquid. 

2. When to use Pot-in-Pot Cooking?

1.       For pressure cooking lasagna, corn breads, cheesecakes, desserts, and other foods that are moist but don’t require plenty of liquid.

2.       For steaming and cooking dishes like oatmeal, casseroles and meatloaves, which you cannot cook directly in the inner pot or they’ll end up scorched in the bottom.

3.       For reheating leftover foods or frozen meals, a great option over microwave, and you don’t want foods drying out.

4.       For cooking multiple foods in one instant pot like when you want to cook rice at the bottom and some meat or veggies on the top.

5.       For baking perfect cheesecakes or anything that you want to come out moist such as brownies, and leche flan.


3. Can you really make great foods using the Pot-in-Pot Cooking method?

Absolutely! Anyone who has an Instant Pot or pressure cooker can make great delicious foods using the pot-in-pot cooking method. Even a newbie can. You only have to start with beginner recipes for pot-in-pot cooking so you don’t get so anxious with the outcome. Overtime, you will learn through experience and from the tips of other pot-in-pot cooking fans. Because, there really are people who love all the good things about this cooking method. There are a bunch of them on Facebook. Join their groups and your learning journey would be so much easier.

4. When to use stacked pans in Pot-in-Pot Cooking?

The Pot-in-Pot Cooking method using stacked pans is not meant to lessen the time of cooking but to cook two or more dishes in one cooking. Meaning, the cooking may take longer as you would be cooking more dishes at the same time. It is the effort you give in cooking more, one by one, that is lessened by this cooking method. And with the Instant Pot’s timer, you can devote the cooking time to something else like doing the dishes, setting the table or any other house chores.


5. What instant pot accessories do you need to start with the Pot-in-Pot Cooking Method?

The instant pot accessories you need for Pot-in-Pot Cooking depends on what you want to cook. Some can do with one inner pot while the others like to use stackable pans like the ekovana stainless steel stackable insert pans. And if you like to cook lots of cheesecakes in your instant pots the easy and healthy way, meaning no aluminum foils and flipping, no non-stick chemical coatings, then you can opt for ekovana Stainless Steel Cheesecake push pan .
Whatever instant pot accessory you choose, consider the quality and convenience. You would want to cook without the hassle. And make sure you buy the right size for your instant pot.

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